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Rooms & Guests
? Up to 12 years old
Collection and use of essential information
  • In making a room reservation at L’Escape Hotel, I agree that you may collect and use my personal information as follows.
Required information Name(Korean, English), email address, contact number(home or mobile number), credit card information
Purpose of collection/use To process hotel reservations and serve guests.
Period of retention/use One (1) year after acceptance of your reservation request

You have the right to agree or not to agree with the Personal Information Collection and Usage. In order to make a book and privileges hotel presents, However, you must provide required information which is essential in booking service.

Pet Policy
  • Two dogs weighing under 10 kg each are allowed.
  • One dog will cost you KRW 100,000. It costs KRW 60,000 for every extra dog.
    • Taxes are not included. You will be charged once per stay, with a five-night limit.
  • Pet must remain within your contorl at all time, either firmly held or in a carrier in hotel area.
  • Articles for your dog(s) will be provided when you check in.
    • One welcome kit is provided per stay
    • Houses, and tableware can all be rented.
  • You have to take care of your dog’s poop.
  • You must sign a consent form agreeing to all our rules and regulations at check-in and when you use our facilities.
  • Floor assignments for rooms for dogs may be limited.
  • Entries may be limited. You may be asked to leave if you or your dogs are bothering other people.
  • The following breeds of dogs are not admissible for safety reasons.
    • Pit Bulls, American Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Dogo Argentinos, Pilar Brasilrays, English Bull Terriers.
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Our “Classic Rooms” consist of a bedroom and a bathroom with a shower.


Our “Amour Rooms” come equipped with a cozy bedroom and a romantic bathtub. They are separated from each other by French-patterned partitions.


The bedrooms of our “Secret Rooms” boast a flower-patterned canopy headboard and a bathroom with a romantic bathtub.


Our "Atelier Rooms" feature a bedroom and a bathroom separated bybeautiful French-patterned partitions.

Atelier Suite

Our signature “Atelier Suites” feature finely embroidered wallpaper and mirrored doors for an atmosphere of elegance and comfort.

Premier Suite

Modeled after salons favored by the French aristocracy, our "Premier Suites" boast embroidery-patterned wallpaper, a bedroom, a sofa, and a table.

Corner Suite

Our "Corner Suites" boast exquisitely-patterned bedrooms and a spacious sitting room, allowing guests to enjoy the view from their floor-to-ceiling windows.

Royal Suite

Our "Royal Suites" boast a replica antique living room, a mirrored dressing area, a spacious bathroom, romantic bedroom, a pantry, and a wine cellar.

Presidential Suite

We top everything off with our "Presidential Suites", featuring elegant replica antique living rooms inspired by houses owned by the French nobility of the eighteenth century. They also boast cozy bedrooms, a mirrored dressing room, a romantic bathroom, and a guest bathroom.

L'Escape Suite

There is only a single "L'Escape Suite". Styled by Jacques Garcia, a famed French architect and interior designer, its features include bedrooms, a living room, a pantry, two bathrooms, and a dressing room.

Customer Center
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Prohibition of Unauthorized Collection of E-mail

L’Escape Hotel of JOSUN HOTELS & RESORTS Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”) values its guests’ information including e-mail addresses registered by customers while using the service of the Company’s website (hereinafter the “Website”). The Company does not collect e-mail address without customers’ consents. If a company automatically collects its customers’ e-mail addresses by using technical means to send commercial e-mails, it shall be faced with less than a year jail sentence or be fined less than KRW10, 000,000 in accordance with the Subparagraph 3 of the Paragraph 5 of the Article 50 of the Korean Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (IT Network Act).