Chapter 1 General Provision

Article 1 (Purpose)

This Terms of Use stipulates basic terms, procedures, rights and duties that govern your use of the official website ( of L’Escape Hotel of JOSUN HOTELS & RESORTS Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”). Please, note that your use of the Company’s website (hereinafter the “Website”) constitutes your agreement to follow and abide by this Terms of Use.

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

The definitions of the terms used in this Terms of Use are as follows:

  • ① Member : Individuals recognized by the Company to be an appropriate candidate to become a member who consents to this Terms of Use and fills out the application form to receive user ID and password.
  • ② ID : A combination of characters and numbers selected by an individual member and approved by the Company for identification of the member and usage of service.
  • ③ Password : A combination of characters and numbers selected by a member for protect privacy protection.
  • ④ Cancellation: Termination of this Terms of Use requested by an individual Member or the Company

Article 3 (Effect and Modification)

  • ① This Terms of Use is subject to a change for the business purposes of the Company. Any change shall be notified via the notice on the Website.
  • ② A change made to this Terms of Use for business purposes take effect with on-line notification to the Members.

Article 4 (Working Rules Besides Provisions for Use)

Items not stipulated in this Terms of Use are governed by the Regulations on the Basic Telecommunication Act, the Telecommunication Business Act, the Regulations on the Information Communication Ethics Committee's Review, the Codes of Conduct on Information Communication, the Computer Program Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

Chapter 2 Service Usage Agreement

Article 5 (Request for Service Usage)

  • ① A user who wants to sign up as a member to use the Company’s service shall agree to this Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy offered by the Company while requesting service usage and fill in the sign-up form provided by the Company. The User may complete the application process by clicking “Apply” or “Confirmation” button in the Website.
  • ② All Members shall use their own personal information such as name and birth date. Membership is given per person.
  • ③ A Member who uses a false identity or stolen private information will not be legally protected and enjoy only limited service.

Article 6 (Acceptance of Member Application)

  • ① The Company shall accept application forms of the Members who have followed the due application process stipulated Paragraph 1 of Article 5. However, the Company may suspend or refuse acceptance of the application of the Members who fall under Paragraph 2 and 3 of Article 5.
  • ② If the Member for use of the service falls under one of the following Subparagraphs, the Company may reserve the consent until the reasons for the approval are dissolved.
    • 1. If there is no additional capacity to accept new Members
    • 2. If there is technical difficulties
    • 3. If there are other internal reasons which prevent the Company from accepting new Members
  • ③ The Company may not accept the Members’ application for each of the following Subparagraphs:
    • 1. If a Member uses other’s identity
    • 2. If a Member has applied using false information
    • 3. If the purpose of the application is to disrupt public order and morals
    • 4. If application requirements set by the Company are not met

Chapter 3 Duties of Both Parties

Article 7 (The Duties of the Company)

  • ① The Company shall take, in good faith, measures to properly offer continuous and stable service of its Website.
  • ② When a Member files a legitimate complaint or makes a reasonable request, the Company immediately responds to his complaint and request.
  • ③ Paragraph 1 of Article 7 shall not apply if the Company is not able to provide the continuous and stable service of its Website due to investigative requests by law-enforcement authorities or the Information Communication Ethics Committee under pertinent laws and regulations.

Article 8 (Duties of the Members)

  • ① The Members shall be well aware of notices and policies on the Website and abide by them. The Members shall not engage in any activities undermining the company’s businesses.
  • ② The Members shall not pursue profits by using the Website without a prior approval of the Company.
  • ③ The Members shall not duplicate, transmit, distribute, broadcast or use any information he gets from the Website or provide it to a 3rd party without a prior consent of the Company.

Chapter 4 (Service Provision and Usage)

Article 9 (Service Usage)

  • ① The Members shall use service in the Website in accordance with this Terms of Use.
  • ② The Company shall post information regarding to Service Usage which is not stipulated in this Terms of Use on the Notice of the Website.

Article 10 (Service Provision)

The Company may provide information which is deemed necessary to Members by e-mail or letter mail.

Article 11 Advertisement Display

  • ① The Company may display advertisement about service provision in the Website and E-mail.
  • ② The Company will not be liable for any damages, liabilities, losses, costs or expenses incurred by the Members as they participate in Advertisers’ promotional activities and communication and business with Advertisers.

Article 12 (Service Usage Limits or Restrictions)

The Members shall not engage in the following items:

  • ① Activities harming the traditional custom and other social order
  • ② Activities deemed to be carried out for illegal or criminal purposes
  • ③ Activities violating others’ personal and IP rights or their experience of service provided by the Company
  • ④ Activities displaying advertisements or promotions, or transmit spam email against other members’ will
  • ⑤ Activities hacking or spreading malware or computer virus program to undermine the provision of sound service
  • ⑥ Activities infringing upon the intellectual property of a 3rd party or having the possibility to do so
  • ⑦ Activities using or hacking other’s ID illegally
  • ⑧ Activities breaching the provisions stipulated in this Terms of Use and other relevant laws and regulations.

Article 13 (Interruption of Service)

The Company may restrict or discontinue Members’ use of service if any one of the following events occurs:

  • ① In the case of a service failure caused by telecommunication carriers including common telecommunications business operators under the Telecommunication Business Act
  • ② In the event of a power failure
  • ③ In the event of a server failure due to construction, maintenance or relocation of equipment utilized for the service.
  • ④ In the event of a server failure due to computer problems, instantaneous increase in website traffic, etc.
  • ⑤ In case of natural disaster or similar force majeure event which is unforeseeable by Company and is beyond its control.

Article 14 (Post Management)

For the effective operation of the Website and promotion of sound online communication culture, content posted by Members which is deemed to be subject to Article 12 can be deleted, relocated and rejected by the company without a prior consent of the Members.

Article 15(Responsibility of Service Use)

The Members shall not sell illegal goods and service throughout the Website without a prior approval in writing of the Company. In particular, the Members are prohibited from hacking into the Website, displaying advertisement for personal profits, carrying out commercial activities by linking to adult materials and providing illegal S/W copies. The Company shall not be liable for the outcome of the commercial activity between Members or between a Member and a third party and imprisonment by relevant law-enforcement authorities and any incidents arising out of negligence of the Members.

Chapter 5 (Purchase and Payment of Goods and Service)

Article 16 (Payment)

Members may pay for the Company’s goods and service (hereinafter “the Goods”) by using various payment methods such as prepaid cards, debit cards and credit cards. The company shall not charge any additional commission depending on the type of payment.

  • ① When a Member orders Goods, the company shall confirm the order and notify to the member vie E-mail or letter. The Member may also check whether his order is confirmed in the Notice on the Website.
  • ② If detailed information in the confirmation letter does not match with what a Member previously requested, the member may ask for a change to or cancel the order shortly after he is given the confirmation letter. If a Member wants a change to his order before delivery begins, the Company should immediately respond to his request. However, the case where the Member has already paid for the Goods is subject to ‘Article 18 Return Policy’.

Article 17 (Delivery Policy)

  • ① The Company shall take measures such as production and packing to deliver the ordered Goods in 7 days from the purchase date unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
  • ② The Company shall make it posted on the Website that what delivery methods it uses, who pays for the delivery fare and how long the delivery takes. If delivery is delayed for which the Company is liable, the Company shall be liable for any costs arising from the delay and make due indemnification. The Company, However, is not responsible for any failure to perform or delay attributable in whole or in part to any cause beyond its reasonable control.

Article 18 Cancel and Return Policy)

When the Company is not able to provide or deliver the purchased Goods due to sellouts or other unavoidable circumstances, it shall notify to the Members without delay. If the Members have already made a payment, the Company shall offer a full refund within 3 business days from the purchase date or take necessary measures to cancel the transaction.

  • ① If a cancellation is made before Goods are delivered, the Company cancels the credit card payment approval and the order immediately.
  • ② A purchase cannot be cancelled after Goods are delivered. If Goods are damaged due to misconduct or negligence on the part of the Company or during shipping process, the Company shall take measures for refund or a replacement.

Chapter 6 Other Items

Article 19 (Disclaimer and Indemnification)

The Company shall not be liable for any of the following:

  • ① In case of force majeure such as war, civil unrest, natural disasters or national emergency.
  • ② In case of the outcome of transactions between Members or a Member and a 3rd party.
  • ③ In case of the accuracy and credibility, truthfulness and other contents guarantee of information posted by a Member to the services. All Members shall be responsible for their online activities on the Website.
  • ④ In case of any loss caused by information shared by Members. Also the Members shall be liable for choosing and using the free information shared other Members.
  • ⑤ In case of any loss caused by the negligence or the illegal use of ID and Password information by unauthorized third-parties.
  • ⑥ In case of any possible damages incurred by the Members for failing to follow the guidelines set forth in this Terms of Use. It is the Member’s sole responsibility to follow the guidelines for safe and secure Website usage.

Article 20 (Agreement to Provision and Usage of Personal Credit Information)

When the Company uses Members’ personal credit information received during the application process and check-in process, it shall gain a prior consent from the Members in accordance with the terms stated in Article 23 of Enforcement Rule of the Use and Protection of Credit Information Act. Members’ use of this Website constitutes consent to this Terms of Use and to providing and sharing their personal credit information with credit information businesses for identification of the Members and with government authorities as the ground resource of policy making.

Article 21 (Dispute Mediation)

  • ① The Company shall focus all its effort in promptly resolving any disputes regarding the service of the Website.
  • ② If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising out of the use of the Website despite of Paragraph 1 of Article 21, the court of competent jurisdiction shall be the court of competent jurisdiction over the addressee of the Company.

Supplementary Provisions

This Terms of Use takes effect from July 19th, 2018.

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Prohibition of Unauthorized Collection of E-mail

L’Escape Hotel of JOSUN HOTELS & RESORTS Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”) values its guests’ information including e-mail addresses registered by customers while using the service of the Company’s website (hereinafter the “Website”). The Company does not collect e-mail address without customers’ consents. If a company automatically collects its customers’ e-mail addresses by using technical means to send commercial e-mails, it shall be faced with less than a year jail sentence or be fined less than KRW10, 000,000 in accordance with the Subparagraph 3 of the Paragraph 5 of the Article 50 of the Korean Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (IT Network Act).