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A Parisian



Atelier Suite

Our signature “Atelier Suites” feature finely embroidered wallpaper
and mirrored doors for an atmosphere of elegance and comfort.

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Hotel Guest only

A Parisian salon to stimulate your thoughts
and encourage intimate conversations

7 Floor
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Photo Spots

Capture your "Photo of the Day"



Gastronomic Experience

L'Escape brings special gastronomic experience
through collaboration with globally renowned partners.


A Tasty Journey

Awakening Your Five Senses

  • LoungeStarbucks

    Parisian Tea Time

    Effortlessly Elegant Way of Enjoying Tea

    Starbucks café parisian
    7 Floor
  • RestaurantPalais de Chine

    Modern Chinese
    With a Twist

    Culinary Journey to the Paris of the East:
    1930s Shanghai

    palaisdechine chinese pekingduck
    6 Floor
  • RestaurantL’Amant Secret

    Culinary Journey
    to Innovation

    Dishes filled with creativity and zest

    lamantsecret frenchdining sonjongwon
    26 Floor
  • BarMarque d’Amour

    Mark of Love

    A Truly Romantic Night

    marquedamour lovemark cocktail
    26 Floor
  • Autumn Edition : Bittersweet Night
    OffersRoom Packages빠른예약 Autumn Edition : Bittersweet Night Make a story of a deepening autumn night at the L'Escape hotel that can bring your romance back. 2023.09.08 - 2023.11.30 Details
  • Love in L'Escape
    OffersRoom Packages빠른예약 Love in L'Escape Present special and romantic moments at the L’Escape Hotel, the most romantic place in Seoul. 2023.09.01 - 2023.12.31 Details
  • One & Only at L'Escape
    OffersRoom Packages빠른예약 One & Only at L'Escape Have a special moment at L’Escape Hotel with a prestige suite room and L’Amant Secret Dinner course. 2023.08.31 - 2024.02.29 Details
  • Fall in Alberta, Canada<BR> : Tasteful Journey
    OffersRoom Packages빠른예약 Fall in Alberta, Canada
    : Tasteful Journey
    Get your special experience with Canadian Autumn Recipes. 2023.09.01 - 2023.10.09 Details
  • To Go Box
    OffersDining Promotions To Go Box Meet the Palais de Chine To-Go menu which you can conveniently enjoy signature food anytime, anywhere. 2022.06.03 - 2023.12.31 Details
  • Peking Duck To-Go Kit  'Lucky Ducky'
    OffersDining Promotions Peking Duck To-Go Kit 'Lucky Ducky' Meet Peking duck To-Go Kit with the chef's sincerity 2022.01.01 - 2023.12.31 Details
  • Attempting Yellow
    OffersDining Promotions Attempting Yellow Palais de Chine Egg Tart Gift Box Present to your beloved one with delicious memories 2022.01.01 - 2023.12.31 Details
  • It's Savory Time
    OffersDining Promotions It's Savory Time Enjoy your Savory Time at Marque d'Amour 2022.02.14 - 2023.12.31 Details
  • Ballon Decoration Service
    OffersOthers 빠른예약 Ballon Decoration Service Enjoy your special day with plenty of balloons in your room 2023.08.02 - 2023.12.31 Details
  • Exquisite Moments<br> : Flower Service
    OffersOthers 빠른예약 Exquisite Moments
    : Flower Service
    Hotel Flower Service 2023.01.01 - 2023.12.31 Details
Pet Vacance Enjoy a perfect pet “vacance”
with your oh-so-lovable pooch!

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