Notification regarding COVID-19 Prevention Efforts (update)


[Notice of the COVID-19 Prevention Efforts] 

We would like to kindly inform you that as part of our effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19,

we have complied with the guidelines by the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (KCDC) as below. 

all visitors and guests are required to wear a mask and check body temperatures due to COVID​-19.


- Installing Infrared Thermal Cameras or Heat Scan at the entrance to detect an abnormal body temperature.
- Ramping up cleaning and disinfection efforts on all the facilities and equipment and placing hand sanitizers in the public places.
- Implementing campaign of obligatorily wearing mask and measuring body temperature.


□ The maximum number of guests per gathering at all F&B outlets

    Possible to 6 person




[Notice of Change in hotel Service] 

We would like to kindly inform you that as part of our effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19

we have thoroughly complied with the additional guidelines by the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (KCDC) as below. 



[Breakfast service ​at Palais de Chine 26F] 

▷ MON - SUN  : Breakfast at Palais de Chine (7AM-10AM, Last order 9:30AM)

*We recommend you to visit before 8AM for a leisurely breakfast as after 8AM is peak time and might have queue line. 
*The type of breakfast may change without notice due to special circumstance.
*Wearing mask and checking temperature are required to all guest to keep health and safety.


[Temporary change of business hours]


 - L'Amant Secret (26F) Dinner 6PM - 10PM (Last order 8PM, Reservation is required)

 - Palais de Chine (6F) Dinner​ 5:30PM - 10PM (Last order 9PM​, Reservation is required)

 - BAR Marque d'Amour(26F) 5:30PM - 11PM (Last order 10:30PM)

 * Savory Lounge 5:30PM - 7:30PM​ (Last order 7PM)

 - IRD (In Room Dining) service 10AM - 10PM (Last order: 9:30PM)

   We recommend you to inquire details before visiting as business hours​ may change frequently for Covid-19


​[Fitness] 6AM - 9:30PM

For your health and safety and maintaining a safe distance, fitness requires pre-booking to access.

Fitness access is available for pre-booked guest only, and using facility is limited during disinfection hour​.


We provide NINEDOT treadmill rental service for exercise in a room to customers who make a reservation in advance

to help you to plan comfortable home training in a room.

Reservation 02) 317.4000


※ The information above is subject to change due to the guidelines of health authorities and the unforeseen circumstances.

We will be continuously committed ourselves to putting your health and safety first.

For more information  02) 317.4000 ​

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