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INTERIOR Jacques Garcia

Renowned for outstanding interior design and decoration, Jacques Garcia, a French interior designer, has left his masterpieces around the world such as Hotel Costes in Paris and The NoMad Hotel in NY, LV. Inspired by architectural style beloved by the 19th-century French aristocrats, the French designer has filled L'Escape Hotel’s guest rooms and restaurants with elegant, chic and classical atmosphere.
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Working with global brands such as Shangri-La Paris and GIVENCHY, Tony Marklew, the London based florist, has always strived to create one of a kind and transformative designs, making the most memorable moments of clients’ life. You can feel Tony’s colorful and spectacle touch at flower arrangements placed every corner of the hotel.
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With “Discreet elegance” as its motto, Julia B. has designed and furnished its global clientele with the world’s finest and most exclusive products for the bedroom, bath and dining room, all carefully made to its customers’ particular specifications. At L'Escape Hotel, you will sleep blissfully and wake up feeling refreshed thanks to our selection of Julia B. handmade custom bedding.
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FASHION Alan Company

Having introduced classic clothes and Italian brands to the domestic market, Alan Company takes another leap forward as the uniform provider for L'Escape Hotel. As Alan blends its philosophy of creating fun and creative clothing culture with the manufacturing process, it is expected to showcase unique uniforms.

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BATH AMENITY Atelier Cologne

Atelier Cologne has surprised the world with Cologne Absolue whose scent lingers like forever. The French niche perfume house has not made a compromise in terms of ingredients while using ingredients only grew in Grasse of France. You can experience Atelier Cologne’s amenities with captivating aroma at L'Escape Hotel.

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By tapping its years of expertise and hard-earned technology, ACE showcases its premium mattress 'Heritz'. Scientifically and ergonomically designed, the premium line mattress provides a perfect sleep experience with organic fabrics such as 100% Meriono wool, natural wool and horsehair. To offer the ultimate comfort, L’Escape equips all guest rooms with ACE Heritz, making your stay cozy and more memorable.
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Uncovering the underlying needs and motivations of clients and translate those insights into better ideas, Prophet has helped its clients find better ways to grow. The global brand and marketing consultancy tells you an intriguing story about L'Escape Hotel’s identity.
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FRAGRANCE Alienor Massenet

Alienor Massenet, a distinguished perfumer, has made the world more fragrant place by creating perfumes such as Jimmy Choo and Maison Margiela. Thanks to its signature perfume made by Alienor, L'Escape Hotel captivates you not only with its elegant interior design but also memorable scent. The perfume and candle are available at the in-house retail store.

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As one of the most sought-after photographers, Rala Choi is famous for his unique style of using colors and color contrast in his works. The photographer with uncommon gift uses his works as a medium of telling a story of L'Escape Hotel.
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As its slogan “We stand for companion animal design rights”, HOWLPOT has catered to the needs of owners and their companion animals in terms of functional and aesthetic aspects. Since welcoming guests with companion animals, L'Escape Hotel prepares HOWLPOT’s animal-friendly products. Don't leave your pet behind. Let us pamper you and your companion pet.
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SPA Beauté BR

Beauté BR is the official Korean importer of ‘Biologique recherche’ and ‘Thermes Marins’ which have been the preserve of top 1 % of French consumers. With organized programs and experienced therapists, Beauté BR provides the best unwind.

Restaurant & Bar

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Alex, Simone and Monica indisputable leading mixologists and the founders of Taxonomy, has made Artesian, a bar in London, ranked the top in World’s 50 Best Bars. Enjoy every sip of the one-of-a-kind cocktail made by the three renowned bartenders at Marque d'Amour by L'Amant Secret.

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The Modern

Located at the top of the hotel, L’Amant Secret, a contemporary restaurant, is to strive to constantly grew while engaging with leading restaurants around the world. The collaboration with The Modern, a contemporary restaurant representing New York, decorates the first page of L’Amant Secret’s story.

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Mott 32

Embracing flavors and ingredients from all parts of the world, Mott 32, one of the best contemporary Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, has enchanted gourmets in the world. To spare you a long and costly trip to Hong Kong, Palais de Chine presents Mott 32’s signature plates such as Peking Duck.

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maison M’O

Led by Otsuka Tetsuya, a chef at Pierre Herme Paris both in Paris and Tokyo and Min-sun Lee, a pâtissier, maison M’O is an undisputed go-to dessert shop in Seoul. Le Salon takes classic French desserts of maison M’O to a whole new level, providing you with a true sweet sensation.

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Hell Café

A small batch coffee roastery, featuring Kwon Yo-seop, a first-generation hand-drip barista and Lim Sung-eun, an award-winning star barista, has been beloved by coffee lovers in Seoul. There is no better place than Le Salon at L’Escape Hotel to enjoy a steaming hot cup of Joe with Hell café’s menu

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